Promoting the Integration of Universal Design into University Curricula (UDUC)

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Course materials for: DM-GY 6193 Graduate Web Studio, DM-GY 9103 User Experience Design, DM-UY 2193 Intro to Web development, DM-UY 2213 User Experience Design , DM-UY 3193 Dynamic Web Applications, EDCT-GE 25551: Introduction to Coding for Learning Experience Designers, ITP-GT 2996.001 Open Source Studio

(Resource URL) off-site link| Subtype: curriculaDate: Fall 2018| Audience: College General Ed| Discipline: Assistive technologies, Graphic Design| Skill Level: Basic and introductory


Please use freely, but cite all project work (coding accessibility)! Please also note that the presentation has not been made for distribution and does not support use with a screen reader (Google slides, no alt-text, etc.).

Resource Description

Introductory level course on interactive design for graphic design majors.

Keywords: Visual design, UX design, Graphic design, Web design

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